Wednesday, 19 June 2013

Main Attraction of Kerala

In this modern world we often forget what is most important in our life. That is our health; we tend to run behind the mob following the trend for the latest fashion, gazzets and gizmos. But we seldom try to work on our health, both body and mind. India is known all over the world for its many unique and distinct culture, dances, cuisine, yoga and Ayurveda. Kerala is Known as the Land of Ayurveda and also the Natural Treatments in Keralam is world famous. Ayurvedic treatment to many diseases and sickness has prove to be very effective. These days many people in India and also abroad are taking the help of Ayurveda for the betterment of their health. There are certain illnesses which only Ayurveda can cure.

Kerala a southern state in India has gained much name and fame in the world through its Ayurveda. People come to Kerala for Ayurveda. All those who have tried Ayurveda in Kerala have only one thing to day that they had never experienced it anywhere and that they would like to have that experience again next time they come to Kerala. thus, the Ayurveda of Kerala has carved a niche for itself in the medical world and as well as therapy world.

There are many spas in Kerala who has started the Ayurveda therapy for it is apparently the most soothing and relaxing therapy as per the people who have undergone such a therapy. The experts of such a therapy use various oils, spices and herbs to calm the body and mind of the person. It takes one to another world and allows us release all the tensions and feel free. This type of Kerala Ayurveda therapy rejuvenates a person and makes him feel healthy. All the headache, body pain, muscle pain, everything vanishes after undergoing such a therapy and one feels very lively and energetic.

There are certain techniques that the therapist uses to revitalize the body and mind of the person with the help of various herbs. They say that Ayurveda started at home in ancient times when there was no modern medicines, tablets, injections, etc. they used the herbs, spices and flowers to heal one’s illness. This trend has however kept alive in India and especially in Kerala. Kerala Ayurveda is today popular in all 5 star resorts even they are not in Kerala, they try to give the Kerala style therapy as it is regarded the best.

Not just therapy but even the medicines are gaining popularity in the market. People these days have more trust in Ayurvedic medicines than the modern tablets. There are hundreds of manufacturers of Ayurvedic medicines today and most of them are in India since it is the land where Ayurveda originated. Ayurvedic treatment is becoming extremely popular especially among older citizens and house wives. The best part is one can also learn how to make these Ayurvedic medicines at home itself if one cannot afford to avail a Ayurvedic medicine from a drug store. Kerala Ayurveda use simple herbs, roots, flowers, spices to cure many cuts, diseases, illnesses, etc.


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